Sunday, August 30

What Happened To My Thesis

I would have graduated from graduate school by this time if it were not for my thesis. For those who do not know, I have already earned 36 units in Masters in Education Major in Language and Literature Education from the University of the Philippines Open University. The only thing that has been keeping me away from my diploma is the 6 unit thesis subject that I haven't taken yet.

It's not my fault, actually. I was prepared. In 2006, I have already completed my thesis proposal about the correlation of reading attitudes and academic performance among students. Unfortunately, by the time I was about to enlist myself for the thesis course, my program underwent a major overhaul and it left me and my other classmates hanging. I grew tired of asking for updates and asking for a thesis adviser. It's been two years now and I've lost interest in my thesis already. I would need a major motivational boost to get interested in finishing it. That will not be in the near future, I guess.

For now, I am concentrating in my online work and learning some SEO techniques. The job is paying me well and it is very convenient so I don't think I will go back to teaching yet. An old friend suggested that I try taking a medical assisting certification course so I can work abroad but I don't think I need that. In the first place, I don't want to be employed overseas. Secondly, I want to focus on what I am doing now and I don't want to get my thoughts scattered. I'm not just the type who delivers something half-baked.

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