Sunday, August 30

The Day Globe Took Us For A Ride

I received this in my inbox last week.

Clueless as I was, I still took the dare and sent an RSVP. Glad I did because Globe, literally, took us for a ride!

So there I was, dressed up casually because we were made to think that it was an oh so formal event. The invite said M Cafe at the Ayala Museum, after all. Us girls were giddy the night before and we were plurking about our outfit woes.

Image courtesy of Jennie Aspacio.

As it turned out, M Cafe only served as a holding room for the bloggers. Once we were all complete, we were told to go out because we will brought to the actual place of the event. They asked for volunteers to hide Harley Davidson bikes. I rode in the van, hahaha!

Even in the van, I was still clueless of where we were headed to. Although our manong driver showed us the map that showed our destination, I wasn't still able to related it to a Globe product.

We got off and walked inside Handle Bar, a bikers' bar. I felt ridiculous wearing my casual blouse and slacks! Goodness, if only they have told us earlier, I would have worn my maong jacket and jeans! Turns out, that was the total catch of the event. We were taken from the formal atmosphere of M Cafe to the rugged and rocking bikers' bar!

The event was all about Globe Tattoo Youniverse. First, we were introduced to the new Globe Tattoo Prepaid Sim Card that can now cover SMS sending and broadband internet service. We were also introduced to Globe Tattoo's website that they will be live early this week. The site is widget based which may be perfect for total social interaction with online friends. Aside from the Globe Tattoo website, Globe has introduced IMMORTALTXT. Now, Globe prepaid subscribers can enjoy texts with absolutely no expiry date as long as there is a one peso balance maintained. IMMORTALTXT lets Globe prepaid subscribers to send 50 texts to Globe or Touch Mobile numbers plus 10 texts to other networks! Just perfect for my boy as he is not really a heavy SMS user and his monthly load credits just ends up expiring. That means big savings for me, too!

I have yet to try the Globe Tattoo prepaid sim that they gave us during the event. I already have an existing Globe number so I guess I'll be giving it to somebody else. I will post updates once I get to try IMMORTALTXT and the Globe Tattoo website. If you are also a Globe subscriber, you can avail IMMORTALTXT by texting IMMORTAL to 8888 for free.

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