Wednesday, June 24

Some Freelance Work Requirements

I have started doing some freelance work since the summer vacation started. My husband and I decided that I should take a leave from teaching and stick with freelance work so I can work from home and have more time for our son. Besides, traveling to and from work is not convenient anymore. I am having trouble seeing clearly at night especially when my blood sugar level is lower than normal.

So I started looking for sites that connect freelancers to clients and got some projects. I have chosen to do some freelance writing first although there are more data entry and virtual assistance jobs that require less thinking at the same pay rate. I would have preferred to take some of that too because writing sometimes can be tasking. I still do not have a DSL connection here at my place so I am stuck with writing work for the meantime. An Internet Fax to phone service would be a plus for a virtual assistant as it would allow for cheaper calls and fax services to and from other countries.

A VOIP service is a good choice for someone who speaks with relative, friends, and business colleagues overseas. Head over to Spectrotel and enjoy their internet-to-phone deals. Check out Spectrotel's profile for more exciting offers. How I wish I already have a DSL connection so I can get one already.

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