Thursday, April 9

Where Credit Cards Aren't Needed

We went around Naga City's centro yesterday and checked out the appliance centers in town. We needed to buy some new stuff for my mother-in-law. My sister-in-law has finally moved in to their newly acquired home and most of the appliances from my mother-in-law's home was theirs. She needed a refrigerator and a gas stove of her own. Initially, we planned to go to the only Abenson branch which is inside the LCC Mall where we can avail of a 0% 12-month installment using our credit cards. SM City Naga will open up in May and there's no other bigger mall around.

We ended up going to the the local appliance centers we did not see our trusted brand in Abenson. We opted to pay in cash instead of using our credit cards. Some local appliance centers do accept credit cards but no installment options. The people here do not credit cards just in case because the stores have their own installment programs. There's a credit investigation process in the application program so we did not avail of that either.

The store where we went to, Multi-brand, is near the plaza along Elias Angeles Street. We are able to buy a 5 cubic feet Condura refrigerator, 2 desk fans, and a 2-burner gas stove all for 12,500 pesos. Of course, there was some haggling involved courtesy of my well-trained-in-China-haggler-of-a-husband. Now all Mama needs is a new tv stand because we brought home our 21-inch extra television set for her use.

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