Thursday, April 9


I am still here in the province having an impromptu, but nevertheless much needed, vacation. Life here in the province is refreshing. Although Naga City is a busy city these days because of the Lenten season, we are fortunate that our relative's place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

My sister-in-law cooks the best food as usual. She planned the menu a few days before we finally decided to push through in going home. She designed a menu that will be kidney-friendly since my husband is still recuperating from his kidney stone shockwave therapy. We also had the chance to go around the centro and try out authentic Bicolano dishes and local restaurants because it's my brother's first time to be in the city.

The downside of this vacation is the weight I gained in a matter of 4 days. My cheeks are already plump in the pictures and the siren is sounding off in my brain. Uh-oh! There should be a serious work out after this when we return to Manila. I think I should start brisk walking in the morning again. I resolve to not take any diet pills. Even the best appetite suppressant in the market won't work for me if I don't do some serious exercise.

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