Friday, April 24

Twittering Again

I almost totally abandoned Twitter just a month after I signed up. Well, one of the reasons why I have chosen Plurk over Twitter is that I can update my plurks through PhPlurk. When I started with Twitter back in July, I can still send mobile twits through phtwitter. Two weeks after that, Twitter decided that they cannot allow free sms updates anymore from other countries outside US and Canada. Another reason is that I liked Plurk's timeline style of updating. The responses are also more organized and most of my plurks end up like chatting with my plurkmates.

Just recently, I got back to twittering all because of my love for Chico and Delamar of RX 93.1's The Morning Rush. It's a routine for me to catch them on air from 6 to 10 in the morning. Since they opened their lines to Twitter a few weeks ago, I found it more convenient to greet them or post my responses to the daily Top Ten through twittering. In fact, yesterday, I twitted my response to "The Top Ten Moments When A Family Member Embarrassed You" and Chico got to read it on air!

Hollywood celebrities are using twitter, too. Below is a dNeero conversation about this.

I enjoyed reading Oprah's twits but I will need to find more courage before I can send her a twit. I heart Oprah! Who's your favorite twitting celebrity?

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