Thursday, April 16

My Home Rennovation Project Starts Today

One of the good things in having a male house helper is that I get to have the convenience of not hiring an extra hand when it comes to home construction work. This summer, since I declared my self-imposed teaching leave, I decided to focus on what needs to be done in our home. We have been here for almost two years now and, thankfully, we have managed to take a breather out of our whopping moving in expenses. I have already planned our budget for the month and it showed that I can use a portion of the extra moolah for home renovations. Jun, our househelper for over ten years already, is excited with the project.

Project Number One is the construction of shelves in the storage area under the staircase. In the past, I had constantly teased Rap about making him sleep in the storage room under the staircase just like Harry Potter. We haven't installed shelves in the storage area because we prioritized other things that needed to be done. So, in a year's time, the storage area became full of knick knacks that already needs some organizing. I also felt the need of having a closet for our shoes and the storage area is the most likely candidate. We decided that it will then be a shoe closet cum storage area.

Because of the home renovation projects that we are starting this summer, we have to stick to our plan of limiting our weekend getaways and just make do with less expensive alternatives.

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