Wednesday, March 25

We Got The Gold!

My most-awaited phone call has come. Teacher Melba, my son's class adviser, called us up yesterday morning to tell us the good news. Ralph has finally bagged the gold this year. I am so proud and happy of my son. He has managed to go up one step even without my full supervision on his studies.

So on March 30, my son will be awarded the Gold Medal for General Academic Excellence for Grade 2. He will also receive a Gold Medal each for the Math and Computer quiz bees he joined and a Silver Medal each for the Reading Competition and the Search for the Young Environmentalist. We are ecstatic because the entire population of his grade level is around 230 pupils so being Top 1 among that number is not that simple. We will be having a dinner buffet with our relatives on Monday night to celebrate this event. Actually, one of my father's motivation to walk again after his major stroke last December is to be able to attend his grandson's celebration. Yes, my father will be walking and celebrating with us this coming Monday. Isn't God so good?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Melba Rendon, my son's adviser, for supporting him and guiding him to the top. I know that she really made it a point to always assign Ralph as the representative of his class to their quiz bees and extra curricular activities. These helped boost his grades this school year.

We still haven't bought the cable TV satellite that Ralph has requested as a prize but we will for sure since he will be on full scholarship this coming school year.

All the anxiety of waiting for the big news is all over. It's time for me to just rest my back on some of our outdoor cushions by the veranda with a glass of iced tea.

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