Saturday, March 21

Back From The North

Reality sucks but, yes, it still is nice to be back home. The vacation was both tiring and refreshing. It was our first time in Vigan and, although we can be considered as regular tourists of the City of Pines, it was our first time to visit Tamawan Village. I will be writing about our trip in the new travel blog that I recently set up. I will probably share a slide show and some short notes here. I have just finished watermarking the photos with the watermarking software that my my sweet blogger friend, Jennie, sent me and I am just starting to upload the photos to my Friendster, Facebook, and Multiply sites.

Since it's already vacation time for my boy, I am also busy planning a fruitful and educational summer for him. He will be going back to his Taekwondo classes at Footworx, Sta. Lucia East and I will enroll him too at Ryan Cayabyab's music studio in Robinson's Galleria. Both of these schools are inside shopping malls so I now have an excuse for being a mallrat the whole summer season. I will now have time for a salon treatment or maybe a short relaxing time at an express spa. Before my husband goes into panic state after reading this, I would like him to know that I will not get a microdermabrasion because I do not need it but a regular facial cleaning will do. *winks*

So there. I need to end this post now so I can get back to my photo uploading duties. Just stay tuned to see the slides! :)

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