Tuesday, February 3

V-Day Plans?

Nope, I am not writing this to share our plans for Valentine's Day. Actually, I have only one concrete appointment during that day and that is to accompany my boys to the dentist. We have to go back to the dentist that day because they need to have their temporary fillings replaced. Our dentist was even hesitant to set the appointment because she thought that we will be out of town during the weekend but I gave her the go signal to put us on the list. Our Valentine's Day activities will probably depend on how long the dentist appointment will be.

Don't get me wrong, but it is totally fine with me. We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day as special as other couples do. We just have a dinner date in a not so formal restaurant that would not require my boys to be in tuxedos and me in a gown. There were other V-nights when we just enjoyed peace and quiet, and maybe a bowl of popcorn and a great DVD, in the living room. For me, it's not how you celebrate the day but who you enjoyed it with that matters more.

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