Tuesday, February 3

Gabby's Personalized Lunch Bags

The youngest princess in our family is about have a grand party in July. Gabby, my sister-in-law's youngest child and only daughter, sure is the princess of the family. We have only seen her in pictures and through web cam because she was born in the UK.

For her baptismal souvenirs, my sister-in-law is thinking of giving away personalized lunch bags to their guests. She is scouting for suppliers as early as February because she will need around seventy-five of these. She has tried to look online but what she saw were expensive. It would be cheaper for us to find a supplier here in the Philippines and then have them shipped to the UK around May.

I volunteered to be the one to find local suppliers. Honestly, I haven't even started going around yet because of my tight schedule. Probably, by mid-March I will be able to go out and find a local supplier that can deliver in a month. I am confident in finding one since it is not yet the peak season for promotional products. It is usually in the "ber" months when the demand for personalized products arise.

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