Saturday, February 7

Top Web Hosting Providers

Before buying my own blog domain and hosting from Google, I have tried the service of other providers who did not deliver as I expected. I just charge the dollars I have lost to experience. I know I should have window shopped and asked around more about affordable and reliable webhosting providers. That is just one of the prices that you pay for impulse buying.

I know I made my research late but this is still worth sharing. According to Webhostrating.Com, the top 10 web hosting providers are: 1) In Motion Hosting; 2) Just Host; 3) Awardspace.Com; 4) Web Hosting Pad; 5) Bluehost Inc; 6) Hostmonster; 7) Deepsron Hosting; 8) Globat.Com; 9) IX Web Hosting; and 10) Papa Tiger. The host rating system that they used is based on customer rating, price, reliability, uptime and availability of techical support.

I am confident with my current web host right now and there are no downtimes to date. For the others out there who are experiencing troubles with their current web hosts, changing web hosts is an option and it is not as hard as you may think. Always remember that as a customer, you should always be getting the best value for your hard-earned money. A day of downtime just translates to spending for nothing don't you think?

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