Friday, February 6

Rap's Loft

Our recent annual physical exam results showed that Ralph has scoliosis. According to the medical report, he has dextroscoliosis of the thoracic spine at ten degrees and levoscoliosis of the lumbar spine at 20 degrees. His x-ray clearly showed an "S" form. An aunt of ours who also has scoliosis advised us that we should not let Rap sleep on his mattress anymore. He should be sleeping on a flat bed, with foam as thin enough just to make him comfortable

That means we have to discard Ralph's 4-year old bed. Since his room is the smallest in the house at 9 square meters, we found it practical to convert the idle space on top of his door to a loft that will serve as his sleeping area. It is around 3 feet high from the door to the ceiling so I think that the conversion plan is feasible. My son was very happy with the idea because it gave him the impression of having his exclusive space (his room is often used as a guest room when relatives come over).

We are planning to contact an aluminum fence installation provider to do the metal work instead of looking for a carpenter that will do woodwork. We think that metal would be more durable and stable than wood. The space under the loft will be converted as his study nook. the area where his bed is right now will be the space where we will put a sofa bed for future guests' use.

I'll keep you posted once the project is started. It will probably be in summertime when I will be free to supervise the construction.

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