Saturday, February 21

Of Deaths and Debts

As parents, it should be second nature to us to make everything alright for the family. Death is inevitable. As most people say, the only things that are sure to happen in this world are births, deaths, and taxes. Having said so, we should be prepared for death, don't you think?

One of the things a young couple should be getting is a mortgage life insurance for their home. This kind of insurance protects the principal loan maker in the event of him/her passing away. It means that should the principal dies, a death benefit will be made available to the beneficiaries to pay off the remaining balance of the mortgage. Somehow, I felt relieved that our PAG-IBIG loan has this feature. Who knows what will happen in 30 years? It still pays to be insured and assured of the fact that our child has a home to call his own should anything happens to us.

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