Sunday, February 1

A New TV Stand

When we moved in to our new home almost two years ago, one of the new furniture that we purchased was a TV stand. I felt that our old black TV stand did not go well with the dark wooden fixtures in the living room so we had it sent home to Bicol. We bought a big TV stand that did not only hold our 29" television but also the DVD player and its two front speakers and center speaker, the stereo component, Ralph's Playstation, and a couple of plaques and glass displays. In its three compartments, we kept our collections of DVDs and VCDs. Just recently, I asked my helper to remove the stereo component from its topmost shelf because I noticed that the wood started to bend a little. I guess the wood that it was made of cannot hold the weight much longer.

We are planning to buy a new TV stand this summer but we are considering of having one that is made of solid wood. An officemate of my husband suggested that we look for furniture made of solid wood because it is a wise investment. We have started window shopping for tv stands and we have already found some nice deals. I am just putting it off for another month since I do not have the luxury of time yet to organize the gadgets that will be placed there. Probably, we will get the new TV stand this summer vacation. I will keep you posted on that.

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