Sunday, February 1

Never Leave Your Partner Behind

This is a rule of thumb among firemen. Never leave your partner behind, especially during a fire. Never in my wildest thoughts that you can use the same mantra in a marriage. People nowadays look upon the sacrament of marriage as just a contract between the husband and the wife. Only a few good couples look at it as covenant between them and God. Fireproof is a movie that made me remember that God really is a part of our marriage. I feel that it is fitting for my first post for "The Love Month" to be about fireproofing a marriage.

The movie is about a young couple, Caleb and Catherine, with a marriage on the rocks. They both wanted to get a divorce but the Caleb's father took some time to talk to him and gave him the "Love Dare" to save their marriage. The "Love Dare" consisted of loving acts that he would need to do for forty days for his wife. Each page was lovingly written (in the dad's own writing) for his son to enlighten him in not only winning back the love of his wife but also to recognize his need for bringing God inside their marriage.

The 40-day love dare reminded me so much of "A Purpose Driven Life". Both are journeys taken a day at a time with God. The only difference is that the Love Dare focuses on fireproofing a marriage. It was really a very wise thing for the producers of the movie to make an analogy between fires and temptations in marriages. You see, Caleb's best friend in the movie told him that being fireproof does not mean avoiding a fire. It just means that something that is fireproof can withstand a fire. It just works out the same with marriages. A marriage is always tested with many temptations. In the movie, some of the temptations were anger, selfishness, disrespect, and lust. For a marriage to be fireproof, which means to be temptation free, God has to be in the center of the relationship.

I do not want to be much of a spoiler because I really want you to have the same experience of being touched by this movie. It is not yet available in the Philippines but you can purchase it online through Ebay. I guess it will be available in Christian book stores and DVD stores soon.

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