Friday, December 12

Personalized Holiday Gifts

I admit. I am one of the persons in the world who panic shop during the holidays. First of all, my time does not allow me to do as much shopping as I would have wanted during the weekend. My students, and even my son, have their exams week a week before Christmas vacation. Thus, I reserve my late November and early December weekends to worksheet and reviewer production for them. And because I shop during the holiday rush, I tend to just get the item that looks cute, priced just right, and comes with a free gift wrapping service.

I feel bad because I could have chosen a more suitable gift if I had more convenient time to spare. I could even make personalized holiday gifts for friends and family if I were given the liberty to do so. But there are shops out there who offer personalized holiday gifts for shoppers who are so busy like me. One such shop is Pexagon. They offer personalized pens, custom business card drives, personal thumb drives, and wooden usb flash drives. The best news is that they are selling these personalized holiday gifts 20% off from now until the end of the year. What a steal!

Try ordering one of these now if you are not yet done with your Christmas shopping.



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