Monday, December 22

It Will Sure Be A Happy Sad Christmas For Me

WARNING: Do not read if you do not want to have sad thoughts this time of the year.

It's 2 days before Christmas Eve and my father is in the Intensive Care Unit of a government hospital in Quezon City. He suffered another stroke; his fourth if I'm not mistaken. The last one occurred during Lent of 2007. We thought he would be more disciplined and concerned of taking care of himself. I guess his old habits never change.

I am sorry for bothering you with my sad thoughts at this time of the year. I lack sleep because he was rushed to the hospital at around 2 in the morning and I closely monitored everything by phone. Still, I'm blogging my heartaches away. Enough of these negative vibes. Thanks for bearing with me.

As a way of forgetting my troubles, I still went with my husband's family to the places that we planned to bring them to this holiday season. Today we went to Trinoma along North Ave. EDSA. This is my first time to visit this mall because my husband dreads driving the busy streets of EDSA. The next time I come back, I'll be taking the MRT instead. But I digress.

We arrived a little past lunchtime so we walked straight to the area where the restaurants are. I initally wanted to bring them to Mann Hann but we saw La Mesa Grill and decided that it's a good time to try something new. The food is not that impressive especially to my sister-in-law who is a caterer. The staff is not at all accommodating, not like in Burgoo where the servers stay alert and sensitive to customers' needs. The ambiance is quite okay though and just right for family get togethers.

After lunch, my in-laws needed to make some last minute Christmas shopping at Landmark. I stayed with the kids in one corner of the department store reading my Twilight e-book while they play the PSP. When the shopping was done, we went up to the park, had a little picture taking here and there and let my son play with his cousins at Time Zone. Playing in the arcade mad me feel a little better too.

We planned to eat dinner at Eastwood City but traffic was bad and we were sure that we're going to be stuck if we dared to make a U-Turn so we just drove straight ahead to Tiendesitas instead. There we had bilao meals while watching Megan Aguilar perform.

It was a tiring night for me but I'm still glad that I did not look like a zombie in the pictures. I think it's time to rest and sleep now since I'm starting to sneeze already.

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