Wednesday, December 31

Catholic Chat City

Half of my waking hours each day I devote to my online activities. Part of my online activities include chatting with friends and relatives either here or abroad.Those who know me personally also know that chatting played a big history in my life. I met my husband online and I never regret each day that I came to know him more through chatting even before we met. Chatting is an indispensable avenue for keeping in touch either with people you already know or those whom you want to get to know more.

Among all the chat rooms that are familiar to me, the Catholic Chat Room is one that made me quite interested. I am a practicing Roman Catholic and I revere every facet of my faith. But then, the internet is such a big place to be in, much more so if you're chatting with people from all parts of the world. Chatting with fellow Catholics gives me the freedom to talk about my faith more without the thought of creating an issue among others of different faith. The last thing I need would be a confrontation anyway. It also gives me the opportunity to discover how it is being a Catholic in other parts of the world. The Catholic population in our country is dominant and our Catholic rituals and traditions become a way of life. This is quite different for other Catholics who live in a place where Catholicism is not the dominant faith.

Whether it be for friendship, faith discussions, or finding a date of the same religion, the Catholic Chat Room is a place for online Catholics to be.

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