Wednesday, December 31

2008, The Year That Was

Almost everyone in the blogosphere was busy making either their year-end posts or posting about their New Year's resolutions. I stopped making New Year's resolutions for years now; I just don't want to be disappointed at the end of the year knowing that I have failed to accomplish my resolutions. I just live each day as I should, sweet yet sugar-free. But I digress.

I am joining the rest of the population putting their hopes high for 2009. I personally think that this year has been hard on my family. I lived my sweet life this year with a little sadness knowing that I was living a comfortable life while my parents and siblings were having hard times. God knows I tried my best to help them. I know we'll all make it through somehow.

So, here are the highlights of my life in the year 2008:


4 - My family had an impromptu advanced celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary at Club Manila East. Our first time to visit the place and we definitely had a great time. We had dinner at the overlooking area in Antipolo.

8 - I had a series of tests for my diabetes and polycystic ovaries. I visited my new OB-Gyne, Dr. Florante Gonzaga of the New Medical City. My blood sugar level is stable but my resitance to insulin is way above the limit thus my monthly cycle is naturally affected.

12 - I had my hair rebonded! My first time! Sosyal!

22 - I survived another Urinary Tract Infection. UTI for diabetics like me is a serious one. I almost thought I'm having kidney complications this time around. It was my first time to undergo a kidney ultrasound and a creatinine test.


10 - Rap competed in the MTAP-DECS NCR Area 4 Finals. Their team lost but it was worth the experience.


15 - I enrolled myself in driving school.


2 - Rap bagged the Silver Medal in Academic Excellence and Gold Medal in Excellence in Mathematics this school year.

19 - My sister wed my brother-in-law after 12 years of being in a relationship.


1 - We finally went to visit the Manila Ocean Park.

16 - We bought Bronson, our brown American Pitbull Terrier. We named him Bronson after the funny kid from "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo".

- We went home to Naga City for Ralph's 8th birthday celebration.


5 - I had a sad 30th birthday.


25 - Plurk became part of my system.


03 - Our family visited Ark Avilon for the first time.

07 - My "100 Kwentong Peyups" entry. This was published on the Sept. 1 Philippine Daily Inquirer issue.

24 - My husband enrolled ourselves in Brickroad Fitness Gym, Sta. Lucia East.

30 - Blogged about my disappointment with Maki Me Sushi.


04 - Nuffnang has arrived in the Philippines. This post made me part of Nuffnang's 68.

- I put the Feedjit widget in the right sidebar panel.

14 - My first Smart Money transaction.

26 - My blog won 2nd place in The Composed Gentleman's "Filipino Blog of the Week"

27 - I finally had the time to revamp my son's blog layout.


- Our Bicol Halloween vacation


06 - My first time to make chili flakes!

10 - Blogged about our Burgoo experience.

11 - I joined the Filipino Mom Blog's meme.

12 - Made my own hotpot soup at home.

21 - Twilight! Rob Pattinson, bite me please!

30 - Edited my sister's blog layout.


04 - My first Thankful Thursday post.

06 - Coca-cola Kiddie Christmas Party 2008

11 - My first Litratong Pinoy entry.

25 - My Christmas post.

How has the year 2008 been for you? I'm dying to read your recap too.

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