Saturday, November 15

My First Sony Experience Is With My Sony 14" Black Trinitron TV

The year was 1990. Actually, it was the whole family's first colored television set. We were the more excited and proud to have it because it came with a remote control! It's almost as old as my youngest brother, who was born in 1989. And hey, it's still fine and serving my mom's passion for watching telenovelas while snuggled inside her bedroom.

Aside from my sister, that Sony Trinitron became my buddy during my adolescence years. The set was not cable ready yet but it was everything for me. That TV set was with me while I was watching all those mushy teeny bopper shows available in the local channels. It provided me an escape from my petty teenage problems. Growing up in a big family, I learned the virtue of sharing the remote control with my other siblings. We were five children in the family. Each day, one of us gets to hold the remote control and have a say on what programs to watch. Nowadays, my mom feels a little bit sad that she has the remote control all to herself. Only two of my siblings are left in the family home with my parents as three of us has gotten married and moved to our own places. Besides, my brothers now watch shows on the Sony Wega set in the living room.

That Trinitron started my love affair with anything Sony. It proved to be a testament to how a consumer can fully trust Sony and its products. For our first camera phones, my husband bought a Sony Ericsson K750i for me, K700i for my son, and K600i for him in 2005. We are still using the phones up to now. Our first DVD video camera is a Sony DCR-710 Handycam. We bought it a year ago so we can record our son's first Recognition Day in Lourdes School Mandaluyong. We also bought him a Sony PSP as a prize for bagging the Silver Medal. This December, we are scouting for a digital camera. Of course, we're eyeing on a Sony Cybershot. Having all our digital gadgets Sony made makes it easier for me to share and transfer files. My SEK750i, my son's PSP, and our Handycam all use Memory Stick Duo.

Add to that, we are also planning to buy an LCD TV that will fit in the small space in the family room that we are planning to build. I don't know what is it with my boys but they are both addicted to the television. Recently, Sony has introduced the Bravia Z450 with Motionflow 240Hz technology that enables the display of precise and smooth fast-moving images resulting to a more comfortable and exceptional motion picture viewing experience. Our village still doesn't have a cable connection so we heavily rely on watching DVDs and VCDs from our collection. Having this Bravia Z450 with Motionflow 240 HZ technology, my boys will surely won't mind watching their favorite action-packed movies over and over again!

The Trinitron and I have come a long way. It definitely gave significance in my life just like the Sony’s World’s First LCD TV with the Motionflow 240Hz technology will in my bonding moments with my own family.

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