Saturday, November 15

Get It Going With dNeero

I have been having a pretty nice time joining dNeero conversations. They are surveys initiated by researchers and advertisers for people in the net. The best thing about answering their surveys is that you are being paid for sharing what you think. Sharing is not restricted to posting the widget in your blog but also posting it in you Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, and other social networking sites. I tried posting the widget below in my Friendster profile last month but, apparently, my Friendster site did not get the required hits I need to be paid. I guess it's because I set my Friendster profile to private. If you're a heavy Friendster user and you get to have lots of profile views then good for you. Just discover for yourself what works best for you.

Join me on dNeero, The True Social Network Currency.
Post your opinions and see how different people react to them.

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