Monday, October 13

Was It Just Coincidence?

My husband and I agreed that he will be picking up from Sta. Lucia East last night after Rap's taekwondo class. Rap and I were with my mother-in-law because we went straight to Rap's class after working out from the nearby gym. After Rap's class, I decided that we wait at the basement food court for my husband to arrive. A few minutes before the time I expected my husband to arrive, I left the table and went up to the next level so I can cross the street to the nearest off site ATM.

I had a hard time crossing the street that connects the mall's two buildings. I was even kind of pissed off with the guard on duty because he didn't even bother to stop the cars so I can cross. When I had the chance to cross, I spotted a black Hyundai Tucson stopping a few feet away from me, right in front of the ATM where I was supposed to go. It was ours! In my mind, I thought that my husband already saw my crossing the street and that was the reason why he stopped. With a wide smile on my face, I went near and knocked on the glass. Guess what? He was suprised to see me outside the car. I caught him trying to send a message using his Blackberry. He said it was supposed to be a message informing me that he's already there. Another thing was that he was asking me if we would like to have dinner somewhere else which was exactly what I was also thinking of asking him. Now, was that just coincidence or what?

After eight years (going nine this January!)of being married, I notice that my husband's thoughts and mine tend to get more connected. Most of the times, we get to be surprised that we're thinking or planning the same things at the same time. I believe I was really able to marry my soulmate.

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