Wednesday, October 29

Retiring In The Province

We went to my sister-in-law's house for lunch yesterday. The house is recently bought but is not brand new. They are still in the process of renovating it and are planning to move in by December. We had a buffet lunch set up under a mango tree in the backyard. It was quite airy in that area because there were already rice fields in the other side of the bench. I regret to admit that I ate a lot. My sister and brother-in-law are great cooks and they cater food for a living. I was sick when we arrived and did not enjoy the feast that they prepared for us in the first two days. Yesterday, as Ralph has announced, was "Forget Your Diet Day". And I ate to my heart's delight! Who cannot resist the Inihaw na Baboy, Ripe Mango Salsa, Tinolang Manok, and Homemade Chocolate Cake. Come on, don't tell me you won't lose your mind for that kind of spread!

As we were having siesta under the same mango tree in the backyard, my husband was ranting about how different life in the province is. He practically grew up in the province so I know how misses life here in the province. Life is slow and relaxed here. It's so different from our fast-paced lifestyle in Manila. Most of our days are busy and stressed. Especially when my husband's work requires him to work on weekends four times a year. I get stressed too with my work. I'm just lucky that I can blog and plurk to destress.

It will really be nice if we could live in this province, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Naga has most of the conveniences that we enjoy in Manila. I think we can settle here when we retire from work. We're planning to buy a property where we can build our provincial dream home. Once Ralph has graduated from college and is ready to face the world on his own, we can then pursue our dream of living a more relaxed life. For now, we still have to join most people in the workforce to save up for the future.

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