Thursday, October 30

Beachfront Lunch @ Bagasbas, Daet

We rode a two-hour trip from Naga City to Daet, Camarines Norte to visit my husband's aunt, uncle and cousins. It has been a tradition of the family to have a feast by the beach of Bagasbas everytime we visit the place. Bagasbas Beach is just near the town proper and is very accessible to tourists. Over the years, I have been a witness to how this place has changed. Before, the beach was just an ordinary free-for-all beach for the local townsfolk of Daet. When we came over in May, there are already bars and restaurants lined up ala Manila Baywalk. Yesterday was my first time to see surfers riding the waves of Bagasbas! The place has slowly made its mark in becoming a surfer's haven in Bicol.

We are always looking forward to visiting our relatives in Daet. For one, our Tita Myrna is the best host there is. She always does everything to make our stay worthwhile. Food in her place is always non-stop every time we are there. Second, since the place is near the sea, seafood in Daet is always cheap! We eat sugpo (big shrimps) and crabs to our heart's delight! The sweetest pineapples are from Daet, too!

We rented small cottages fronting the beach and ordered food in the restaurants lining the baywalk. Our cousins prepared fruit salad and bought some fruits from the market for dessert. We let the kids enjoy the beach and they spent their time digging the sand to find small crabs and seashells.

I was able to destress even though we just stayed there until 3 in the afternoon. I took a short nap in one of the bamboo benches and was awakened when my husband started caressing my hair. He was apparently looking for gray hair! (That's one of my problems at present my rants about that would require another post. Hay, life!) The wind coming from the sea helped decongest my nose and lungs. My nostrils are stuffed since Tuesday. Now, I'm breathing a little better now.

A few more days and this short break from work will be all over. I am now enjoying every minute of my stay here in the province. We still don't know when we can come back.

Pic 1: My brother-in-law, Dong, beams with joy while holding the bowl of sugpo.
Pics 2 & 3: Our feast in the small cottage that we rented.

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