Friday, October 17

A New Pair of Jeans for Christmas

Christmas time is here. For me, it's a time for updating my wardrobe. The season allows me to ask for a little bonus from my husband so I can buy new clothes. That's how poor I am. LOL! A little shopping allowance from the husband is a great Christmas gift, don't you think.

I have lost some weight after I started going to the gym to complement my weight loss plan. I'm proud to say that I lost a few inches around the waist! I plan to buy a few pairs of new jeans before the series of Christmas parties for the season starts. Last year, my husband's company Christmas party had the theme "Fab Christmas" and I wore a denim coat and a pair of skinny jeans that was so "in" that time. I hope the theme this year will allow me to wear jeans again.

In buying jeans, I consider the style, cost, and brand. Styles that I usually go for are straight-cut, slim, and flare. I use straight-cut jeans when I am wearing rubber shoes or flip flops. It gives me the rugged vibe. I wear slim jeans when I want to exude a semi-casual aura and when wearing blouses. Flare jeans I wear when I use high-heeled shoes.

Cost and brand go hand in hand, I think. I have my favorite brands because, over the years, I have tested them to complement my figure. I am five foot tall and more on the heavy size. It's very important for me to wear jeans that will make me look slimmer. Most of the times, weight related fashion problems for me are solved by wearing just the right style of clothes. I don't care much about the cost just as long as I consider it as a trusted brand. Anyway, I think my trusted brands fit into my budget.

I'll be scouting for new jeans soon. I hope I won't have a hard time looking for ones that will suit my taste, figure, and budget.

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