Friday, October 17

My Home Furnishings and Decor Wishlist

Warning: This is another Chrismas related post. Friends and family members, read at your own risk! LOL!

It's now more than a year since we moved into our home here in Cainta. When we moved here in May 2007, we chose to get rid of most of our old furnitures that we brought from our home in Laguna to the apartment where we stayed in Makati. We let our relatives choose from our old furnitures and decors for their use. Some of them we even sent to my mother-in-law's home in Bicol. We sold what was left of the old ones to the nearby thrift shops in Bangkal. For our new home, we had to buy a new bed, new dining set, sofa set, television rack, and cabinets. We chose to buy new furnitures to complement our mahogany colored doors and wood treatments. We had to install a custom made mahogany-colored cupboard in the kitchen, too.

After more than a year, I feel that our furnitures have lost their appeal. We are saving up for new furnishings and decor to give our home a new look. My husband is thinking of replacing our sofa set. We somehow agreed on buying a small 2-seater leather sofa so we can still have the space for the recliner of his dreams. That is, if we still have enough budget left after buying the sofa! Hahaha! Me? I am wishing for a new set of beddings for our bed. I hope I can also stretch our budget so I can buy new curtains to complement the new beddings too!

Our home is our haven. That is why we treat it with utmost care and consideration. We treat our home as another baby in the family. Just like saving up for Ralph's needs, we also try to save money so we can buy our home's needs, too.

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