Tuesday, September 23


One afternoon, Maki, my Grade 2 student said in his usual bulol Tagalog "Ano nangyari na kaibigan ko?" He is still in the process of learning more of the Filipino language with me everyday. I knew he meant "What has happened to my friend?" and that he was anxious for Bernard to arrive.

Bernard in in Grade 5. He is my last student for the day and comes after Maki. He usually arrives 30 minutes earlier than his scheduled session. Oftentimes, he does playful jokes on Maki when he feels like it. I think he considers Maki as the younger brother that he never had. Like real brothers, they quarrel too!

I asked Maki, "Akala ko ba bully mo si Bernard?" ("I thought Bernard is your bully?") He denied it and gave me the impression that they have settled it already by saying "Bati na kami!" His answer was so innocent and sincere.

If only adults act more like these kids do, then the world will be a better place, don't you think? Confrontations may be complicated but a simple "I'm sorry" goes a long way. If kids find it easy to forgive, why do adults tend to have a hard time doing it?


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