Tuesday, May 1


Now I know how busy one is when one is busy. Ang gulo no? Super busy. Uber Busy. Toxic. Aaaaarggggh! I am tired and I am starting to get sick but I am enjoying every minute of it.

By tomorrow we're moving out of this apartment that's been our abode for a year and will be living in our new home. It's ours! Sa wakas, natapos din. After all the problems and the conflicts with our @#$%^ developer, we'll be moving in at last. Totoo nga ang tsismis, sakit sa ulo ang pagpapagawa ng bahay. But it's all in the past now. What matters now is that the house is finished and beautiful as me! Hehehe!

I have also started teaching since the 16th of April. Mama and I started our tutorial center at Greenwoods. I am the sole teacher at the moment as we offered summer reading classes in the village. Come June, I'll be working with Ate Do, Lloyd, and Lucky (who will be taking up Education to our mother's delight!). We will also be offering Toddler Classes. I'll be the one to handle the Toddlers and the day tutorials. Lloyd will be teaching Math and Ate Do will be on night shift. I'll post pictures of my cute classroom when time permits.

Oh well, got to stop my fingers from typing. Got to finish packing!

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