Thursday, January 25

So excited!

Somebody's so excited... of course, it's me!

It's Friday tomorrow. That means its Daddyjun's rest day and we're going to visit the house again. Construction has already started. We expect the house to be finished by late March. Come second week of April, we can move out of our apartment and in to our new home.

That's our cute little house up there. Small but it's big enough for us. Well, for us people and not for all of our things. There's the big sliding door at the side facing the patio. I plan to convert the patio to a mini-garden cum dining area. My dining table is so big it will not leave enough space for the cook to move around the kitchen area. Maybe I can bring the kitchen area outside, too. Hmm... nice idea!

Anyway, Mama Babes will be sending back her furnitures to her house in Naga. I will be sending the extra bed and cabinet and some of my knick knacks to our bedroom at my parents' place.

Speaking of my parents' place...

Seems I will be spending more time there soon. First, our house will be nearer. Second, we'll be starting our playschool. I'll be teaching again, this time in our own school. Mama is busy now with the construction of the commercial area in our place. I asked her not to rent out the first floor but instead reserve it for me. Ate Do and I initially planned to operate a tutorial center. I will specialize in Reading, she in Science, and Lloyd in Math. Mama got so excited and thought of offering a Toddlers Class starting June. Naturally, I will be the one to teach since I'm the one who has the experience in pre-school. We'll start this April, after Holy Week. We're offering Refresher/Remedial Reading Programs, Arts and Crafts class, and Toddler Playschool. Oh, before I forget, we will be also offering Piano Lessons for kids since Lucky is in summer vacation and he wants a summer job.

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