Sunday, October 22

Mama's Home

Mama's home after her three month vacation in the US and Canada. She arrived last Wednesday, but I was too sick to meet her at the airport. I'm glad she's home so I can stop worrying about Papa, the canteen, and the house at Pasig. Of course, the best part of her homecoming is the pasalubong!

I got a pair of pants and a blouse. Ate Betsy (a cousin from San Diego) sent me a bottle of Victoria Secret's Sweet Temptation body splash to add to my collection. I now got 7 bottles, yipee! One scent for each day, taray! Ate Titang (another cousin from Vancouver) personally made a set of earrings and necklace for me. Mama said she's making jewelries as a hobby during her days off. Tita Fely (Mama's college friend from New Jersey) sent me some Bath and Body Works' Mango and Mandarin lotion. Rap got 4 soccer shirts, chocolates, and a jacket. Daddyjun got a shirt, too.

The family had a feast of our traditional weekend Sinigang na Baboy, Steamed Fish, and Adobong Samaral. I brought the Magic Sing and they sang their hearts out (except me because my voice's still hoarse).

It was nice seeing everybody together in the house. I know that my parents enjoyed what we had today. Here are pictures that I took:

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DigiscrapMom said...

Welcome back to your Mom!!!! Cool presents you got there :)

MommyBa said...

Welcome back to your Mom!!!! Cool presents you got there :)