Monday, April 11

Wash Day

My first blog and I thought of sharing my thoughts about this very unfortunate day. :(

Guess what? Our washing machine of 5 years broke down. Well... not completely. The fan belt of the machine kept on falling out of place. The drier's ok, though. But who needs a drier in this hot summer month?

Want to know what's worse? My trusty (and only) househelp is on vacation!

I can bring it to the laundry shop a few blocks away from our place. At 30 pesos per kilo, our entire week's load of dirty laundry will cost me a couple hundred bucks!

Being the "practical housewife" that I am trying to be, I decided to take charge of the laundry. Besides, my Mama taught me how to wash our clothes years before we could finally afford our first washing machine.

After Rap and I had our breakfast, I got our old "palanggana" and started to wash the whites, then the coloreds, and lastly the jeans. I left the bedsheets for the laundromat. At two to three kilos, it would be just within my budget. By twelve noon, I was done.

I was too tired to cook our lunch by then. So we had our food delivered from Mc Donald's. The bill was 180 pesos. Rap had his favorite Mc Chicken meal and I had a Quarter Pounder meal. It was still cheaper than bringing the whole laundry load to the cleaners.

I was tired. But then, even the most relaxing massage can't beat that satisfied smile on my little boy's face when it comes to soothing my tired muscles. And I still get a special massage from my loving husband later tonight. I can't wait!

Oh, well. I still need to get the washing machine repaired before next week's wash day is due.

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