Friday, July 12

Maintaining a balanced pH with RepHresh

I don't know about you, but a healthy pH balance was always the least of my worries. For me, what was important was just feminine hygiene. I knew that being clean down there would make me safe from harmful bacteria. That was until I discovered that I was wrong. Good thing, RepHresh vaginal gel can help keep our pH levels at bay.

RepHresh Vaginal Gel

The normal vaginal pH is 4.5. It's slightly acidic but it's what maintains good vaginal health. At this level, important bacteria and yeast cells are at their optimum condition. An imbalance in the vaginal pH level is caused by a diet of processed foods, excessive exercise, habitual douching, and unprotected sex. Sadly, a lot of women (including me) don't know that this causes bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection. Bacterial vaginosis increases the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases while yeast infections include vaginitis and vulvitis which both causes the vagina to be inflamed.

RepHresh is an over-the-counter vaginal gel that not only keeps pH levels balanced but also helps eliminate feminine odor and relieves minor feminine discomfort. It is odorless and can keep our intimate part fresh for as long as 3 days. Distributed by New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation, RepHresh is the guaranteed way to feel refreshed all day long without any worries. RepHresh is now available at all major drugstores nationwide.

Meanwhile, vaginal dryness is a common problem of women in their twilight years. The decline in estrogen levels causes this and it makes it more difficult for menopausal women to move and get intimate with their partners.

Replens Vaginal Moisturizer

Replens is an estrogen-free vaginal moisturizer that soothes dry skin cells and can give the vaginal lining a natural elasticity for up to 3 days. It is very effective and was even featured in the New England Journal of Medicine. Replens is now available at all Mercury and Watsons in all Metro Manila branches.

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