Saturday, April 27

Walking at Ever Gotesco Ortigas

4 rounds of this 725 meter path . Not bad.
My doctor's check-up last Friday revealed that I'm having an episode of slight hypertension again. My blood pressure reading that day was 140/100 and it was done three times that morning. I somehow had a feeling that it was high even before they took my blood pressure. Oh you know, my sister-in-law came home from Britain and it was a grand homecoming with a lot of eating as usual. Plus, we went to Caramoan for a vacation that really had me forget my daily fiber and fitness routines. Bad, I know. The only good news I heard from the nurse that Friday was that I did not gain extra pounds from the vacay.

So moving on... I seriously don't want to go back to a month of Amlodipine again because I pity my poor liver so much. I'm going back to my exercise routine as I had done in the past months. Before my check-up, I actually did a day of MetaFIT exercises but felt pain on my tummy which signaled that I was overdoing things again. I decided to start with a week of walking instead. This morning, I walked at the Ever Gotesco Ortigas for almost an hour, walked home afterward, and was able to cover 3K in distance, yay!.

Ever Gotesco Ortigas is the neighborhood mall that's about 5 minutes away from my place. Why did I go that far? Well, I actually liked to try the jogging/walking trail that the mall set up within its perimeter. I was delighted to see markers to let runners/walkers know how much area they have covered. It was also encouraging to see a lot of people walking and running in the area unlike if I just walked in our village premises.

I plan to do this at least twice a week. On other days, I will dance Just Dance on the Wii at home or just walk in the village. By the way, I just discovered that Iko Iko, one of the tunes in Just Dance, is a Mardi Gras tune. Silly me, haha! I have always thought that it's an African traditional song because of the dance steps. It always makes me think of buying me self a pair of the best bongos my money could buy.

If you're living  near Ever Gotesco Ortigas and would want a walking buddy, drop me a comment below. Hope to see you one morning!

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