Monday, October 8

World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange: Create, connect, and be active

It's only less than 40 days till November 14 which is World Diabetes Day! One of the main activities to watch out for is the World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange program. This was created to help connect people affected with diabetes from all over the world. Handmade postcards will be sent in time for World Diabetes Day and the Diabetes Awareness Month.

Image courtesy of World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange Facebook page.

Joining the postcard exchange program is really easy. Anyone touched with diabetes can join and that means even the relatives, friends, and health care workers of people with diabetes. Postcards are handmade (a recycled corrugated box will do!) and the design would include the Blue Circle, the international symbol of diabetes. These postcards will then be sent to assigned Postcard Buddies who may be living in other parts of the globe.

The online registration for this year's World Diabetes Day Postcard Exchange is until November 1, 2012 only. To register, kindly visit To know more about the program, you may also access

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6 sweet comments:

Lose Weight said...

The post card exchange will help spread the awareness about Diabetes and how it can affect your life in case you acquire this health problem.

jared's mum said...

i am a postcard enthusiast + this program is yet another great way to spread the love of postcard to other people around the world. I will check out the site + see if i can register, too! thanks for sharing ;)

Mauie Flores said...

Yes, you can! You'll make one diabetic happy. No, make that 2 because you'll also make me so happy!

Teresa Martinez said...

Creating awareness for diabetes while enjoying postcard exchanges, what could be a better way to support a worthwhile cause

Marsha said...

I had not heard about the postcard program, but I think it's a great idea.  I'd like to participate to honor my mother who has diabetes.  I'm hearing of more and more people being diagnosed with this disease.

Kara said...

I've never heard of this. I'll definitely let my Aunt, who has diabetes, know about this.  I know November is American Diabetes Month and after a very publicized Breast Cancer Awareness month, I look for companies who support diabetes awareness. I found Aler1 Medical Alert Systems  are donating to diabetes research the last 2 weeks of November.  It's great to find companies that donate to worthy causes that may not be as popular.