Wednesday, September 26

Blogging on the iPad

I'm always mobile nowadays that I only get two days in a week to stay at home and work on my writing and editing tasks. That's why I'm so happy when my husband finally bought an iPad2 las March for the family to use. It definitely helped me in keeping up with my deadlines.

I don't know if you noticed the Blogsy icon at the bottom of some of my posts. Blogsy is the iPad app that I bought for blogging. It sold on Apple App Store for 4.99 USD but I do not regret investing such a small amount for the convenience it brings.

I'm loving Blogsy because it not only allows me to write my posts easily but also seamlessly add photos from the iPad or from my other photo service accounts. That's something that I can't seem to to do in the standard Blogger and Wordpress apps. It also allows me to link to websites (such as for fire hoses) without any hassles. Most of all, whether they're hosted on Blogger or Wordpress, all my blogs are kept in just one user-friendly app.

I definitely recommend Blogsy for blogging on the go. If you're a blogger with the same crazy schedule as me, this is the app for you.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored by Blogsy.


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Tetcha said...

We have an iPad but only hubby and the little boy use it. Lol! If they get tired of it, then that's the time I'll be able to use it for blogging outside our home, and that's when I'll check out Blogsy. Thanks for the tip!