Tuesday, August 14

Week 3 of Losing More to Live More

It's now the third week of the month-long C-Lium Lose More, Live More challenge. Unlike the first and second week, the changes I saw this week are minimal. My blood pressure and blood sugar level are maintained at normal levels, though. There's no remarkable weight loss but I lost 2 inches off my waistline once again. (You can read about my first and second weeks HERE and HERE.)

This week has been the most challenging so far in terms of dieting. The crazy monsoon rains place our town underwater once again and my sister, brother, their kids, and a cousin, evacuated their home to stay with us. The rains, the company of my siblings, and the warm food that we shared proved to be the perfect ingredients for a diet disaster. I found myself eating a cup of rice even for dinner. Tsk!

Because the living room was often crowded, I also wasn't able to dance my regular Zumba routine. Then again, it was the perfect time to start with the MetaFit routine that my friend, Pehpot, did a month ago.  Here's a video of  week 1 of her MetaFit routine.

The routine is still quite easy for me probably because all the dancing has made my legs a bit stronger. I love the squats because I already feel my muscles in the hip area tighter than before.  Aside from MetaFit, I  also did a few of the exercises featured in the C-Lium website.

Burpees strengthen the chest, arms, front deltoids, thighs, hamstrings, and abs. It also improves cardiovascular endurance which I really need. My muscles ached for 2 days the first time I did this exercise but I learned that doing it regularly made it more easier and less strenuous.

There's a complete list of exercises (ranging from beginner to advanced) in the C-Lium website. To access these, sign up at http://www.clium.com.ph/losemore. Also, don't miss out on C-Lium Fibre's promos by liking their Facebook page (facebook.com/Clium) and following them on Twitter (twitter.com/cliumfibre).

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