Monday, May 28

Intense yoga training to complement running

Nowadays, running has become not only the sport of choice but also the most preferred fitness program of people who want to life a healthy lifestyle. Although it looks easy, runners also face tough challenges while training for a race. Tight hamstrings, lower back pains, and inflamed iliotibial (IT) bands are common problems among runners. Believe it or not, a relaxing yoga workout can help runners strengthen their bodies and prepare themselves for a race.

“Runners usually exerts a lot of energy when they run and afterwards Yoga can help them as it is the perfect alternate restorative practice form them to relax their overly worked muscles. This way they'd be able to recover from training and make their body more prepared for longer races and harder work out trainings,” shares Monique Borja of Bliss Yoga Manila. Aside from this, yoga helps in making the body more flexible and less susceptible to muscle strain and injuries.

Get to experience having an improved harmonious mind and body coordination that will bring that sense of stability for you while you run all those races through the help of Yoga and feel the difference. Bliss Yoga offers runners an array of classes like Ashtanga and Power Yoga that can help in coping up with stress and developing core strength and flexibility for training. Bliss Yoga aims to give athletes the best alternative workout for them to rest their mind and body to bring out their optimum running capabilities. For more information, visit

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genevierefreedman said...

I tried visiting the website but I was warned of the malware if I continued. Nung nag-click naman ako ulit, okay na. 

cory josue said...

Hello there! I'm a recent convert to yoga after I had my plastic surgery. According to my doctor, Dr. Magallona of PCPS (, yoga is a very good post op exercise to retain my skin's elasticity and to tone it as well. I'm glad that I listened to him because the effects are really obvious; and not only that, I think that this is my first step in gaining a healthy lifestyle.