Monday, May 7

Breaking in a new glucometer

I have a new glucometer, yey! Again, it's a gift from my sister. (She also gave me the old blood sugar monitor that I've been using since 2008.) Now, I'm using the Accu Chek Softclix. It generally has the same features as my old glucometer except that I find the controls of my old one more user-friendly.

Took me two pricks before I got enough blood.  Ahh, the hassles of breaking in a new glucometer!

My old GlucoSure Star is still working pretty well except that I ran out of strips and I haven't found a local supplier since last year. I would still use it if only I have a free shipping coupon for the strips. This is one of the reasons why I prefer getting an Accu Chek this time because the strips are readily available in local drugstores.

Lesson learned: If you're buying a glucometer, get the brand that has strips available in local drugstores.

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