Tuesday, July 1

Back pack to the rescue

As I tried shooting a photo in one event I attended recently, I suddenly felt a sharp shooting pain on the lower right side of my back. It was so intense, like a leg cramp, that I wasn't able to move for a minute or so. I, then, remembered that I twisted my lower back muscles when I jumped from the floor to the couch after seeing a small mouse the other night. Hilarious, I know! But my back pain's the issue here, hahaha!

So anyway, the pain is still here and it comes striking back every time I carry a something on my right shoulder or with my right hand. I'm lucky that I can still do my usual tasks, though. My husband promised me a trip to the Thai massage therapist next weekend. For the meantime, I am applying a heated pad to relieve the back pain.
Since I can't avoid bringing a bag with me whenever I go out, I had to leave my shoulder bag behind and use a back pack. Back packs are perfect for keeping the weight of the bag balanced between my two shoulders, thus lessening the trauma on my lower right back. It also gives me a better posture when I walk (which I think is also causing my back pain).

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