Friday, March 30

Rap's iFlo

Last March 28, Rap received his award as 5th grade gold medalist in their school along with the other awards from his extra-curricular activities. My husband and I are both happy and proud of his achievements. And because he's been a good boy this school year, we both decided to finally give him his wish... a brand new iPad 2!

Thank goodness, the Apple cut the price of the iPad 2 after releasing iPad 3. Then again, I think that we would still buy one for him because he waited for this since last year. He did his part of the bargain and I think that it's but fair that we do our share, too. We had to buy it on installment because it definitely costs more than a 2gb ipod shuffle. But anything for our good boy. As long as he does well in school and he remains to be obedient, we will try to grant him his wishes.

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2 sweet comments:

Wena said...

wow! congrats to Rap and thumbs up to her supportive parents. dami nyang medals and awards. ang galing naman! 

dentist charlotte said...

That's so great! Congratulations!