Sunday, March 4

Oral health and heart problems

I am a sucker for dental health. I can sleep with make-up on but I can't not after I brushed, flossed, and gargled. Let's just say that I'm that I hate halitosis and I'm scared of heart diseases. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, tooth decay may cause heart disease.

It's all about the bacteria. The bacteria that thrives in tooth decay and dental plaque can cause blood clots in the arteries. These blood clots can then trigger heart attacks. Meanwhile, dental plaque causes gum infection that can also cause an inflammation in the blood vessels.

Having good oral hygiene lessens the risk of tooth decay but it is still best to visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular prophylaxis (teeth cleaning). Then again, most basic health insurance plans do not include dental insurance. Our HMO, for example, only allows oral prophylaxis twice a year, unlimited tooth extractions, and a limited number of regular tooth fillings.

I believe that rank and file employees in my husband's office only get basic medical insurance without dental services. If you are like them, it would be advisable to get at least a discount card such as the Aetna Dental Access Plan in the US. It's not a dental insurance plan but a membership card that can help you save from to % on dental costs. I wish we have a program such as this one in the Philippines. If you know of one, kindly share it by leaving a comment to this post.

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