Saturday, February 11

24K Gold Plated Anti-Radiation Stickers

A few months ago as I was checking out of National Bookstore, I bought 24K gold plated anti-radiation stickers for our gadgets. It looks like this:

Before I bought it, I'm not really sure if it works or not. All I know is that my husband and I need anti-radiation stickers because we're frequent cellphone users. I even place my Tab under my pillow because it also serves as my morning alarm clock.

Luckily, the distributors have a Facebook page (search 24K Gold Plated Anti Radiation Sticker on FB) and they have an album there that shows photos comparing the radiation levels of gadgets and appliances with and without the sticker. Somehow, I was relieved that my Php 100 did not go to waste.

I just wonder, if 24K gold plated stickers work as anti-radiation tools, can 24K gold chains offer the same anti-radiation power? Because if they do, then, I'll wear gold necklaces and bracelets 24/7!

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2 sweet comments:

Pepper Tan said...

Interesting.  I've never heard of this until now.  Anything that keeps us less exposed to radiation is good.

proud eco mom said...

interesting.  What do you think, should we really try wearing gold 24/7?