Monday, January 16

Superfoods For Optimum Health

One of the things I love about my work is that I get to frequent health sites such as WebMD. I learn nuggets of health wisdom everyday. My latest reading discovery from the said site include information about superfoods.  Superfoods not only help the body lose weight but also provide the nutrients that are usually missing in our everyday menu.    Best of all, most of these superfoods are easy to find in neighborhood supermarkets and wet markets!

Here they are in no particular order:
  • Low-fat or fat-free plain yogurt.   It's high in calcium compared to other dairy products and has protein and potassium.  Got a problem with the taste of plain yogurt?  Well, you could opt to add a few pieces of fruit.  If you really can't take the taste of it, you can choose to drink skim milk instead.
  • Eggs. Not only are they convenient to prepare and eat.  You can get 12 vitamins and minerals just from eating eggs.  Just choose boiled or poached over fried, though.
  • Nuts. Eaten in moderation, nuts can provide the body protein, fats that are healthy for the heart, fiber, and anti-oxidants.  Choose pistachio nuts if you can as it has plant sterols.  You'll also have a hard time cracking the shell making you eat less, hehehe.
  • Kiwi. It's high in vitamin C and anti-oxidants.  Plus, it's a source of fiber, potassium, and Vitamin A.
  • Beans.  They are fibrous so it helps lower cholesterol and promotes regular bowel movement.  Beans are also sources of protein, carbohydrates, magnesium, and potassium.  You can have up to 3 cups of beans weekly.
  • Salmon.  This fish is high in omega-3 fatty acid for a healthy heart.  The American Heart Association recommends eating fatty fish twice a week.  If, like me, you can't afford to buy salmon weekly, choose tuna instead. :)
  • Broccoli. My current favorite vegetable, broccoli has vitamins A, C, and K.  It's also high in fiber which is ideal for weight-watchers.
  • Sweet potatoes.   Choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes because the former are rich in vitamins A and C and has calcium and potassium.  Kamote, as what we call here in the Philippines, is a backyard crop.  I better start planting kamote again! 
  • Berries.  Instead of munching on candies and other sweet treats, choose to eat berries instead.  Each small piece contain incredible amounts of antioxidants and phytonutrients while being low in calories.  They are also high in water content and fibrous which helps get rid of toxins inside the body.
  • Quinoa.  Among the superfoods in my list, this may be the hardest to find.  Quinoa (pronounced as keen-wa) is a whole grain that's high in protein, fiber, iron, zinc, vitamin E, and selenium.  If not available, you can always choose whole wheat, brown rice, oats, or barley.
You don't have to serve all these 10 superfoods in just one day.  Ideally, you include as much superfood as you can in your everyday diet.  Combined with a good amount of exercise, it's guaranteed to help you lose unwanted pounds and maintain a healthy disposition.  With a healthier and leaner body, you can finally use the coldwater creek coupons you've been keeping in the drawer and update your wardrobe!

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