Monday, January 23

Cogon (Kugon) for Diabetes

The boys and I made a trip to Manila's Chinatown in Binondo yesterday as our way of celebrating Chinese New Year. We initially planned to go today, since the President declared Chinese New Year a non-working holiday, but we wanted to just relax at home today so we won't be stressed at work tomorrow.

Anyway, we walked the whole stretch of Ongpin Street, from Santa Cruz Church in Carriedo to Binondo Church (National Shrine of San Lorenzo Ruiz). There are a lot of wares being sold along the street but this one caught my attention:

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (26)
Excuse the misspelling, LOL!

I never knew that cogon (kugon in Filipino) is an herbal medicine until yesterday. But apparently, cogon provides healing for hemoptysis, hematuria, and nose bleed. Drinking a decoction made from its fresh rhizomes is also a cure for urinary tract infection as well as for painful outgrowths on the tongue. Last and most importantly, it has been used to cure DIABETES, arthritis, and wounds!

2012-01-22 CNY Eve LR (27)

Then again, I haven't found even a single article of a study to support this. I didn't buy either so, if you know anyone who drinks cogon juice to lower his/her blood sugar, let me know!

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