Monday, November 14

World Diabetes Day 2011

Today, November 14, 2011, is World Diabetes Day. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) focuses on "Diabetes education and prevention" since this is the third year of it's 5-year plan of action.

This year, I am guilty of not having participated actively in the campaign. I have been very busy with work that I failed to prepare for the Big Blue Test. Yeah, great, I ran out of test strips and all I got are blood glucose urine test strips so I wasn't inspired to share my test results online.

Nevertheless, I can say that I have been a "sweet" obedient diabetic this year. I'm glad that my husband's new company has provided us with free health insurance and that my clinic is part of their accredited list of health providers. I have visited my doctor regularly and, with her help, I was able to normalize my blood pressure and cholesterol. My proteinuria has also improved and it's because I've gotten rid of my hypertension. I've also started to dance by playing Just Dance on the Wii. I am still way above my ideal weight but I'm optimistic that I'll get there with just diet and exercise. No more diet pills this time because I love my liver so much. The only pills I'm taking now are Metformin, Oleia Soft Gel capsules, and vitamins.

I hope you can help me educate more people and prevent diabetes by clicking the banner under my blog header that says "Yes, I agree." Clicking the banner will automatically include you in the number of people worldwide who agree that all people with diabetes need essential care, no matter what age, race, or social status. You can also like the World Diabetes Day Facebook page to see how diabetics around the are celebrating this special event.

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