Sunday, November 6

Heated gloves for me

Oh goodness, the pain is back. I felt undeniable pain once again from the index and middle fingers of my right hand. I have not been wearing my wrist brace for a while now and I think my CTS symptoms are coming back. This time, before wearing the brace, I rub moringa oil on my wrist and wrap it with gauze first. I discovered that warming it up actually relieves the pain.

That's the reason why I'm looking for heated gloves. Something that looks like this:

I hope I can find one that's locally made because this one already costs $179 in the US. I also have the option to ask a cousin of mine to buy it for me in the States and just have it shipped together with her balikbayan box. Until then, I will have to make do with the oil and the the gauze. Sigh.

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