Monday, October 17

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

The second season of The Walking Dead is gonna be shown starting October 16, 2011 in the US. My husband and I are such fans and we watched all 7 episodes of the first season. I seldom watch thrillers and horror flicks but this one really made me a convert.

Image courtesy of WikiMedia.
In Season 2, Rick Grimes, his family, and the other survivors continue their journey to Fort Benning after the explosion of the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. I expect that the group's going to have a thrilling cat and mouse chase with the zombies again not to mention the drama that will ensue between the characters.

Sadly, my cable network provider doesn't provide the channel where this series is shown. I may just look for a site where I can download videos of the show for the meantime. I can't afford to be left behind on the latest about The Walking Dead!

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