Tuesday, September 6

Unilab Ideas Positive 2011

Now on its 2nd year, Unilab taps the youth to promote health and wellness in communities through Unilab Ideas Positive. This idea-generation contest was launched in 2010 to help address problems in communities such as hygiene and sanitation, nutrition, disease prevention and intervention, and environmental care and protection.

Utilizing the Bayanihan spirit that's innate in us Filipinos and the idealism and creativity of the youth, Unilab provides a seed funds for three social marketing programs which are developed to address community problems.

Eleven semi-finalists have already been chosen out of the 60 entries submitted this year. Each group has prepared a video showing what their program will be about. The videos are posted over at the Unilab Ideas Positive video gallery (http://www.unilabideaspositive.com/videos.html). One of the criteria in judging the programs is impact which is computed through the number of votes a group's video will receive.

The voting mechanics are as follows:

1. Visit www.UnilabIdeasPositive.com.
2. Click the "Videos" tab.
3. Users may vote for a video only once -- they may vote for multiple videos (Being a fan/"liking" the UIP FB at http://www.facebook.com/Unilab.IdeasPositive is a pre-requisite to vote).

Voting ends on Sept. 7, 2011. I hope you can take time to vote for the program which you think best deserves the Php 100,000 seed money from Unilab.

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