Friday, August 19

OLEIA Softgel Capsules

I have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 11 years ago. Even before my pregnancy, I've already had problems in having a regular monthly cycle. This is one of the reasons why I got started with Metformin. I need to take medications to induce my monthly menses. This month however, my period came naturally and just after two weeks of taking OLEIA Softgel capsules.

Each OLEIA Softgel capsule contains 253 mg of cetylated myristoleic acid (Omega-5), 100mg of docosahexanoic acid-DHA (Omega-3) 100mg, 182mg of oleic acid (Omega-9), and 155mg of other fatty acids. Everything is natural.

I only take one softgel capsule a day and I'm super happy of the results. Honestly, if only I had a choice, I wouldn't take all my prescribed medications because I feel my liver's having a hard time processing them. I'd go for all-natural ingredients, anytime.

One bottle costs Php 1,100 and contains 20 softgel capsules. It's kinda pricey but, with these results, I'm willing to continue my treatment. The only downside is, it would take me around a year to save up for the casio camera with gps I'm eyeing. Anything for good health, right?

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